100 People Who Care

Who can join?

100 People Who Care was created because we believe that real change happens when everyone works together. Collaboration is the foundation of 100 People Who Care in terms of organization, approach and giving.

Everyone is welcome to join – women, men, students, retirees, teachers, stay-at-home moms, pastors, business people, politicians, artists, bakers…you get the idea. The only qualifications is a desire to be part of a giving group that meets 4 times each year to write a cheque for $100 payable to the charity selected by the group.


Can I come or donate if I’m not a member?

Everyone is welcome to attend meetings to learn more about 100 People Who Care and see if our approach is a fit for you. You can make a donation should you choose (there’s no obligation for visitors and guests), but only members can nominate and vote on charities being presented. Membership forms are available at every meeting if you decide to join at that time.

Membership Form

Why join 100 People Who Care?

You want to make a real difference in our community, but…

  • your life is too busy or you’re already overextended
  • you have no time to volunteer
  • you want to donate to charity but also want to know that it’s making a difference
  • you feel that a small donation of $100 won’t really matter

Here’s our approach: 100 People x $100 = $10,000.  We pool our donations to provide an Edmonton-area charity with a sizeable amount that can make a significant difference.

Membership allows us to

  • manage group notifications of meeting dates and locations;
  • maximize our giving;
  • provide a structure for nomination and voting; and
  • develop continuity so that meetings and our purpose can grow and gain momentum.


What happens when you reach 100 members?

Many people have been asking us that and our plan is to split into two chapters of 50 members each and continue to grow from there.