Charity Nominations


The Essentials

100 People Who Care is an Edmonton-based giving group and 100% of our giving stays in our community. Charities/non-profits must be

    • based in the greater Edmonton area;
    • established for at least one year;
    • registered as charity or non-profit for tax purposes; and
    • able to provide every member with a tax receipt.

The charity agrees

    • to use the funds locally;
    • not to use the funds for administration; and
    • attend a subsequent meeting to share how they’ve used our donations.

Button01_150x60cCharity Selection & Voting

Charities/non-profits are nominated by members and voting is done by member ballot at our meetings.
    • Nominations are made by submitting the online form.
    • Two weeks prior to each meeting, 3 charities are chosen at random from the submitted nominations.
    • The selected charities are invited to attend our meeting and give a presentation on their organization and how our donations can make a difference for them.
    • After the presentations, members vote and the charity with the most votes receives our cheques. Even if the selected charity is not your first choice, members agree to write a cheque to the charity regardless. Note: do NOT make cheques payable to 100 People Who Care.
    • To allow different charities the chance to obtain funding, organizations receiving our donations cannot be resubmitted for consideration for 2 years.
    • In the event of a tie, a second ballot will be held. If a tie persists, names will be placed in a hat and one drawn at random to receive the donations.

Button01_150x60cWhat if I don’t want to donate to a certain charity?

We understand that for personal, philosophical or religious reasons there may be certain charities some choose not to support.  We highly respect that choice and suggest that the 100 People Who Care model may not work for you.  We invite you to look at other ways of giving that are a better fit.

I’m a charity – how do I apply for consideration?

Charities and non-profit organizations can’t apply, rather they are nominated by members. That said, we acknowledge there are many small, local organizations in need who may not be known to members.  We invite you to get in touch and provide us with information about your organization and we may invite you to do a short presentation about your organization at the end of one of our meetings.