100 People Who Care does not accept nor solicit sponsorship of any kind. Here’s why: 100 People Who Care was founded on the same principles of the original 100 giving model – get folks together, learn about local charities, write cheques for $100 and together, donate a substantial sum to a local organization. We like that simplicity.

Because our focus is learning about and supporting local charities, our approach reflects that. We are not a social, networking or business group, but a diverse group of folks from every walk of life and background. Our meetings are relaxed, open, and interactive, members encouraged to ask questions and get involved.

Our meetings are held in easily accessible community venues that require a small fee of $50 to $100 per meeting. Click here to see where the next meeting will be held. The volunteer team takes care of this fee out-of-pocket, and some members from time-to-time contribute to this cost and for that, we are grateful.

The organizing team of 100 People Who Care understood there would be administrative expenses in starting up and managing the group (web site, name tags, room rental, etc.). We agreed to split them, paying for them out-of-pocket.

We decided not to solicit nor accept sponsorship for several reasons:

  1. We are a giving group, not a charity, business or event.
  2. We are not a board and have no formal structure or reporting, being a volunteer team of a member-driven group.
  3. We do not have a bank account or treasurer. We do not keep financial records and we do not issue tax receipts.
  4. Accepting money, services, products, donations or gifts-in-kind constitutes income which then, according to our financial advisor (a retired CFO and accountant), requires everything from points 2 & 3, plus more. Sponsored events require a significant amount of recordkeeping and reporting to maintain transparency and clear reporting of income and justification of expense.
  5. Sponsorship requires quid pro quo – promotion, advertising, placement, preferential treatment, etc. We want to keep the focus on the charities.
  6. We value each member equally, regardless of who does what or pays which administrative expense. We have talented people providing tax expertise, web site design, communications, administration, social media, management, and organizational experience. You’re all amazing!

If you have questions about this, our expenses and how we manage them, please feel free to contact us.