Email & Personal Information

To protect your privacy, we do not share your email or personal contact information on this web site, nor through a directory. Your email address will be used only to contact you about meetings and 100 People Who Care related news. It will not be used, sold, rented, shared or distributed in any way.

If you wish to share a personal experience with respect to a charity you’re nominating or your experience as a member, please feel free to post it on our Facebook page or email it here so we can post it with your permission on our blog.

Charities & Tax Receipts

100 People Who Care does not issue tax receipts. These are provided by the charities themselves. They are instructed to use your personal information on your cheque solely for providing a tax receipt. They are not allowed to add you to a mailing list without your express permission.

If you receive unsolicited contact from a charity to whom we have donated. We will inform the charity and remove them from further consideration.

If you do not receive a tax receipt from a charity, please contact them directly. It is possible there was an oversight on their recording. Note: be sure to have your correct mailing address on your cheque to ensure tax receipts can be issued.

Promotion & Media

We want our web site to be engaging. Photos of our meetings will add a great deal to our web presence and we are conscious that some people may not want their photo published. We will ask at meetings and anyone wishing not to be photographed will have their request respected. Should an image be inadvertently posted or tagged, it will be removed.  Members are welcome to take photos and tag members of the organizing team. To post photos of each other, please request permission from the other members before uploading and tagging them to protect privacy.


Though there will be time to socialize before and after meetings, we are not a networking organization and discourage members from actively soliciting business from each other. We understand that business connections may happen organically and naturally, and that’s great. We want to maintain a cooperative spirit and don’t want any members feeling targeted or made uncomfortable by aggressive networking attempts.