Mtg_2015-02-24_03_1250Web02100 People Who Care was founded on the same principles of the original 100 giving model, except rather than restricting membership to only women or only men, we are all-inclusive. We’re a diverse group of folks from every walk of life and background who meet four times each year for an hour to learn about Edmonton and area non-profit organizations.

Meetings are relaxed, open, and interactive. Members are encouraged to get involved, whether virtually by helping us spread the word through social media; volunteering at meetings to help with check-in, setup and tear down; or as part of the organizing team. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings without obligation to join or donate, so invite friends, co-workers and neighbours to join you.

Member-driven, the meetings are focused on local charities from start to finish. Members nominate Edmonton area organizations for consideration and three are chosen to speak at each meeting. Past recipients of our donations return to share how their non-profit group is putting the funds to use in our community.

100 People Who Care


100 People Who Care is organized by volunteers who donate their time and expertise. We’re not a charity, non-profit or business, therefore we have no board, officers, or formal structure. We don’t have a treasurer or bank account as we don’t accept donations or sponsorship.

The volunteer team pays for all administrative expenses out-of-pocket; our web site is donated and managed by one of our members; and other members sometimes contribute toward payment of the room rental for our meetings. We choose not to solicit or accept sponsorship of any kind so that the focus remains solely on Edmonton charities.

Questions? Please contact one of our volunteer team and we’ll be happy to help.