100 People Who Care

Charity Nominations – a big small change

nominateAt our planning meeting the other day, the team discussed charity nominations and have agreed that members can nominate charities that employ them or where they volunteer.

There were two reasons why we initially decided not to allow this.

Our first concern was that someone may become a member only to nominate and lobby for their charity. Because the charities that are considered for donations are selected at random, we did not want there to be conflict or resentment if their charity wasn’t chosen.

Our second concern was that some enthusiastic charity volunteers and board members can cross the line between social conversation about what they do into lobbying and solicitation of help or funds. We don’t want our members to feel pressured in this way.

The team agreed that most people who would join a giving group like 100 People Who Care will be passionate about charity, and most will be volunteers or board members of other organizations. Their passion for those groups will of course result in nominations and we’ve decided that’s a good thing.

We also agreed that the type of people who will join a giving circle of this nature will be open to supporting any charity that gets nominated and selected (even with fingers crossed that it might be their own).

Nominations for our October meeting are now being accepted – click here for the form.

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