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Thankful Thursday

We have only been one week official and are so grateful for the amazing reception in Edmonton.  We shouldn’t be surprised as this city is known for its generosity of spirit and strong sense of community. Our Facebook page has 75 likes, we have 240+ Twitter follows, 5 followers of this blog , and 10 members signed up to give away money.  It has been a tremendous seven days and we are grateful for the support we’re receiving.

When we first heard about this giving group model, it was for women only.  Then we heard that men-only groups had sprung up.  With all the challenges and struggles that are going on in the world around us between men and women, we feel that the best way to solve any problem is together.  Working off the established model, we created what we believe is the first major giving group that includes both men and women.


We’re excited about this for a very real reason – this means that the charities to be presented will be much wider in scope.  We will learn about organizations doing important work that perhaps tend to be gender-specific in clientele or audience. We’re also excited to hear different perspectives and get to know a wide range of people in our community. As we meet every three months to collectively donate to a local charity, it’s also an opportunity to connect with folks who want to make a difference and know that working together, we can do so much more than on our own.

We’re still working on a meeting date and are 90% confirmed on our meeting location. Stay tuned.

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