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Giving back in more than just cash

We have had several conversations since this journey began and the consensus remains that 100 People Who Care will be wholly inclusionist in all regards, from membership to the types of charities that can be nominated.  From arts to sports, special needs to employment services for the handicapped, youth at risk and homeless seniors – we’re looking forward to learning more about the amazing work that’s being done in our neighbourhood about which we might not even be aware.


Some blog posts will document those stories – conversations with interesting people we meet doing important, and often not-well-publicized work.  Blog posts will share minutes of our meetings, results of our votes, charity selections and follow-up with how they are putting the funds to use.

100 People Who Care‘s  interaction with the community will be part of the change-making that’s happening in Edmonton. Our members and thereby the charities they nominate, think outside the box, aside from the well-known non-profit organizations, and look to sponsor unique programs such as one to save the Cree language; another to provide container gardens in primary schools; a woman who wants to find mentors for at youth risk; and someone looking to gamify eco-living.

There’s so much amazing work being done right in our own community and we look forward to sharing some of it with you.

(Note: no blog post or story, not even the nominations and selections of a charity for funding constitute endorsement or recommendation.  They are provided as information only.)

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