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Social Media

Twitter18Our Twitter feed is live!  Our handle is @100PeopleYEG and we’re busy following lots of amazing community folks, local charities, changemakers and do-gooders around the city.  We want to follow you, too, so please log-on, find us and follow, and we’ll follow you back. We will use hashtags #yeg, #DoMore, #GiveBack and #100PeopleWho

Facebook01Update: June 5, 2014 – Our Facebook Page is now live so we’d appreciate if you’d give it a visit and a like, interact with us and share community giving, charitable activities, and non-profit projects that are happening in our city.

Linked In and Google + : for now, we’ve decided not to participate in these social media platforms, as we are a fledgling team of just three which will sprout to six soon enough.  Until we are established and have formed a solid rhythm, we are keeping our social media presence to these two, and may add Instagram at some point as well.

If you want to friend or follow our volunteer team, their Facebook and Twitter handles are located in their bios.

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